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"Sturm: Compositions of Adam Silverman"
  Adam Silverman: Corrie Q's Jigs and Reels (String Quartet No. 3)
New Focus Records (2009)
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"John Corigliano and Jefferson Friedman String Quartets"
  John Corigliano: Snapshot (circa 1909)
     John Corigliano: Black November Turkey
     John Corigliano: String Quartet ("Farewell")
     Jefferson Friedman: String Quartet No. 2
Naxos Records (2007)
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"Beata Moon: earthshine"
     Beata Moon: movement
BiBimBop Records (2004)
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"Jeffrey Mumford: the promise of the far horizon"
     Jeffrey Mumford: the promise of the far horizon
Albany Records (2004)
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"Atar Arad: Sonata for Viola Solo and String Quartet"
     Atar Arad: String Quartet
RIAX Records (2002)
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"Andrew Waggoner: Legacy"
     Andrew Waggoner: Legacy for String Quartet
Composers Recordings, Inc. (2001)
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"Itineraries of the Night"
     Cary Boyce: Nightshade
Aguava New Music (2000)
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"Bernard Heiden: Chamber Music"
     Bernard Heiden: Quintet for Clarinet and Strings
Corigliano Quartet with James Campbell, Clarinet
Bayer-Records (1999)
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"The Music of Frederick Fox,Volume 2"
     Frederick Fox: Dawnen Grey
Indiana University School of Music (2000)
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